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The Navettes maritimes du Fjord's 2020 navigation season is now over! We would like to thank all our customers and we hope to see you in 2021!

Access for individuals with reduced mobility

Our boats can be accessed by individuals in a wheelchair. However, please take note of the following information before purchasing your ticket.

  • We ask that the passenger is able to take a few steps unassisted, or receive help from their guide(s) (while walking or being transported);
  • Four-wheel electric scooters are strictly prohibited on board;
  • Transport Canada only permits a limited number of passengers with reduced mobility on board our vessels for safety reasons.

Accessing the ships and boarding:

  • A small step is required to get from the wharf to the boarding ramp and from the boarding ramp to the ship;
  • When the tide is low, the boarding ramp may have a steep inclination and can be difficult to manoeuvre in a wheelchair;
  • On-board safety measures require that the passenger must be autonomous in the event of an emergency; i.e. the passenger or their assistant can ensure their safety. Maritime law requires that the crew must not be needed to assist any one individual; they must be able to take care of the entire group to ensure the safety of all passengers in the event of an evacuation or emergency situation.

Access to the washrooms

  • La Marjolaine: The washrooms are rather large and can accommodate wheelchairs. However, the toilets are located on the lower deck, which is not the same deck used for boarding. Passengers must take the stairs or be assisted by a guide or family member (2 decks down) for access.

Mobility on the vessels:

  • La Marjolaine: The different decks are only accessible by staircases, which means that the passenger must remain on the sun deck (same area as the boarding ramp) or be assisted inside by an accompanying passenger. The decks are vast and offer increased mobility for passengers in wheelchairs.